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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Simple Spring Garden

With our little one around, time for large scale projects is scarce so I decided to create a small garden with some Spring vegetables just outside our backdoor.  I was inspired by a pallet garden I saw on Pinterest and decided to spend a couple of hours putting one together with two abandoned pallets in our yard.

The process was quite simple:
  • Attach landscape fabric/weed barrier to the pallets using a staple gun
  • Fill the newly formed planting beds with soil.  I used this kind for containers.
  • Plant your veggies and water them in.

  • I planted spinach, romaine lettuce, Chinese cabbage, and onions from transplants.  I also planted some spinach seeds in the bare spots, hopefully they will grow. I can't wait until they are a little bigger so we can start harvesting without eating the entire plant.  Are there any other interesting Spring Gardens out there?


    Debbie said...

    Yes there is another one. Bill has started tomatoes in two gallon pots. Long green Italian peppers, and still has peppers from last year alive in the garden. He has covered them, and uncovered them all winter. I hope they make it and we get some bell peppers early this summer. They look good and are getting a lot of new growth.
    Glad to see you back on line. Always enjoy reading about your adventures.

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