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Saturday, November 14, 2009

New Heuchera Garden

Leading up to our front door is a triangle shaped bed that has been home to seasonal weeds over the last year. It is nestled underneath two Japanese Maples and a Birch tree so it gets partial to full shade. I have been wanting to plant something there, but hadn't found the right plant, until I discovered Coral Bells (Heuchera).
I'm not sure where I came across these plants, but when I saw the beautiful colors AND that they were deer resistant, I knew that I had to get some.

We were fortunate enough to find some varieties in our local nurseries in smaller 4" pots and even a few 6 packs. The named varieties are:

Dolce Key Lime Pie

Purple Palace

Pinot Gris

Melting Fire

We also got a couple that didn't have name tags:
I can't wait until the bed starts filling in and the plants flower next year. I think they will complement the Maidenhair ferns in the adjacent bed quite well.


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