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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fruit set...finally

I have been checking the garden daily for progress. Last week the flowers were starting to bloom, but still no fruit. The other day I noticed that there were some female squash and pumpkin flowers emerging. A couple of days later and now we have baby pumpkins! These are Small Sweet Sugar/Pie Pumpkins I grew from seed. I can't wait to taste the pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving.

Our first tomato is a variety called Goliath that we bought from Eisely Nursery. It was a fun purchase just to see what would happen. Each fruit on Goliath is supposed to reach 1 pound or more.

This other tomato is called Green Zebra. I found the contrast of shapes interesting. The Green Zebra has many ribs compared to the stark smoothness of the Goliath.


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