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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hens and Chicks

These are the other type of hens and chicks, which are growing well in a half wine barrel shown here. Apparently they also look nice planted in a strawberry pot. As I learned when writing this post, be clear what type of hens and chicks you are discussing when talking with others (especially those with chickens). When I said "Hens and chicks look good in a strawberry pot," my husband started wondering what I had planned for our chickens and if I was going to put them in a strawberry pot.


Jeannie said...

Pretty sempervivum photograph! I'll have to be sure to capture some of mine with as close-up detail as you did yours. Looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog~


Deanna said...

I didn't know you had these or that they were called that. I wanted to get some.

Michelle said...

@Jeannie - Thanks! I am just getting back into taking macro shots. It is fun to capture something from a different perspective.

@Deanna - They are actually next door. We used to have some at the other house, but they died. Now, I have a good idea for a Mother's Day gift.

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