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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

First sign of life

So it’s been a little over two days since I started the seeds for this year’s vegetable garden. There are 20 different seed types that fill my 72 slot starter. Of those 20, five are varieties of Basil. The Basil seeds fill 16 slots in the bed (yes, I know it’s a lot of Basil). Tonight while eating dinner, I was checking out the seeds and saw the first sign of life. I removed the plastic greenhouse cover to take a closer look, and saw the little plant. A few minutes later my husband saw a second (15D). Then we both noticed that the soil was doing something strange, it was being lifted. After gently poking at the soil, we noticed that there were many little seedlings beneath pushing it upwards. There were are few other areas that were demonstrating a similar behavior. I am suspecting that I will be seeing seedlings there shortly. This is an exciting day – the first seedlings emerging for the season.


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