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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our Mandarin Grove

Mandarins are a favorite crop for Loomis and the surrounding areas. There is an association dedicated to the locally grown citrus and a festival to celebrate it every year. For the past several years we have been purchasing 3-4 brown paper grocery bags full of mandarins each season. We really enjoy the fruit and wished we could grow our own. I planted 1 tree in our suburban backyard last spring in hopes of capturing a little bit of that taste from our own land. Fast forward 11 months and here we are living in Loomis, with plenty of space to grow our own mandarin supply.

Today we transplanted 5 trees into the ground. We have chosen to grow the Owari Satsuma variety of mandarin for its frost hardiness (to 24 deg F) and the fact that they are a pleasure to eat (seedless and easy peel). We are hoping to get some additional trees, but apparently the Satsuma variety isn't purchased in large quantities at the local home improvement stores. We were told last night a Lowes that we can order specific trees through their store. We still need to get in contact with their plant buyer to confirm.

I am very excited because I can overlook the grove from my desk. Since they are all dwarf trees, they have a very cute look about them.


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