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Friday, June 5, 2009

Bug Hunt

Tonight we went on a bug hunt. Something has been eating the squash and marigold plants in our garden down to bare stems. I was looking earlier this evening and only found the occasional bug. But armed with flashlights, my husband and I went in search of the predator. As soon as we spotlighted the marigolds, it was obvious what had been eating our plants, earwigs! It was like a buffet and the earwigs were gorging themselves.

After seeing the earwigs in action, my husband wondered if it could be earwigs that are munching on our orchards as well. A quick trip confirmed his suspicions. They were feasting on the mandarin trees too!

Searching online for control measures yielded various methods, from small cans with a layer of oil to rolled up newspapers. However, it was the Sluggo Plus product that caught my eye. It is certified organic and seems to be effective at killing earwigs. It also sounds like less of a hassle compared to emptying traps everyday. So tomorrow, it's out to get some Sluggo Plus. I am hopeful it will kill the earwigs fast.


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