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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Making the Choice - Getting Healthy Part 1

In September 2008, it became apparent that I had been gaining weight and inches when I tried on my business suit and it was tight. Knowing that I had to wear said suit come November, I decided that I better start focusing on my diet and getting some exercise.

The first step I took was to stop eating high calorie foods, specifically In-N-Out Burger. We had moved in August and had made In-N-Out burger a staple of our diet during the transition. I had deceived myself into believing that all the work moving was balancing out the calories from the burgers. I was wrong.

The next change was to get more exercise. I started slowly with a couple of easy bike rides with a friend. Then we bought the WiiFit in October. During the first body test, it showed my BMI was almost 24 which is closer to being overweight. A BMI of 22 is supposed to be optimal, so that became my goal (which was about 20 pounds less then my starting weight).

I continued to focus on not eating In-N-Out and getting some exercise for the rest of the month. By making these two changes, I was able to fit into my suit in November, without the fear popping a button.

Knowing it would be difficult to lose weight over the holidays, my goal was to maintain through the month of December. I was down 3-4 pounds from my starting weight and continued to use the WiiFit, building balance and core strength. I also tried to limit the sweets that tempt me that time of year.

January 2009 arrived with its traditional flurry of weight loss resolutions. Fortunately, I had already made my decision to get healthier and lose weight back in October, so I was mentally 3 months ahead of the game. Physically, I was able to remain stable throughout December and didn't gain any weight. It was then I decided to really focus on eating healthier and working toward my BMI goal of 22.


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