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Friday, January 15, 2010

Random Sevens...

One of the blogs I subscribe to is thisisreverb by Pastor Ryan. I first discovered Ryan when he was a guest poster on PW's site with his dutch oven homemade bread. After seeing a few more of his posts I decided to check out his site. I like his photography and cooking posts the most. I even made his carrots for Thanksgiving this year.

Today he posted Random Sevens... where he asked his readers to post a random sevens post of their own. Here are my random seven:

What challenged you today?
It took me over an hour to start the fire in our wood stove. It was lit, then it died and I had to baby it again. Finally, it is burning and producing some warmth.

Why don't you ever put salt in your recipes?
We follow a low sodium diet at our house for health reasons. I have found that it forces us to make healthier food choices. Fresh fruits and vegetables as part of a homemade recipe are lower in sodium than most anything you can buy in a package.

What are you going to grow in your vegetable garden this year?
Tomatoes and peppers to start. We love using herbs in our recipes, so basil and parsley are in. I think I will pass on eggplant and some of the squash as we didn't eat much last summer. I am also planning on pumpkins (already have the seeds!) They are fun to grow and their pulp can be used for various recipes.

What worried you most this week?
White Chicken. She was attacked by a bobcat over 3 weeks ago. I haven't posted about because I wasn't sure if she was going to make it. After spending 3 consecutive nights in the laundry room, she is back outside with Brown Chicken and is improving every day. Yes, I know we are very imaginative with naming our chickens.

What embarrassed you this week?
I am a little embarrassed to admit that I just signed up for a library card. I don't know what I was thinking not using the library system all these years. This week, that card saved me $15 on a book I needed to read for work.

What's for dinner tonight?
It should be leftovers from dinner the other night. But it will likely be Chinese food at Twin Dragon in Auburn. They cook everything from scratch so we can request no soy, oyster, or other sauce with sodium. The result is a light, fresh meal without the worry of sodium overload. This makes us very happy.

Why do you blog?
I like to do things and share what I have learned or created. I use my blog as a personal recipe box. I also like that it is a way to connect with people at each other's convenience.


Annie said...

I like your seven! Esp. the part about following a low sodium diet. I "kinda" do, but need to do more. I've just hopped over from Reverb. I'll be checking out more of your blog. Have a terrific Saturday :)


Hundewanderer said...

Hello - I just stopped by via ThisIsReverb. I enjoyed your chickens names. It reminded me of my mom's cats names: Yellow Cat; Boy Cat; Dummy Cat and Gray Cat. I used to have chickens, I miss them. hugs from HW

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