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Monday, March 8, 2010

Seed Starting (Finally)

Today, I started the seeds for our vegetable garden. My approach this time around is quite different from last year. First off, I am starting the seeds over a month later. Secondly, I am greatly limiting the types of seeds I am starting and growing.

2010 will be the "Year of the Pepper" because I plan to grow 3 additional varieties of peppers over last season's crop. I started all 6 today:
Hungarian Hot Wax (from the seeds I saved last year after making this mustard)
California Wonder
Mixed Bells

I also started sweet basil, lemon basil, and parsley. Once this flat (48 cells) germinates, I will move the heating mat to the next flat and start the tomatoes.


kristi said...

when you start these seeds out do you put one seed in each space and wait for it to grow? That just seems to take a huge amount of space. how do you grow from seeds inside to transplant outside without taking up so much room?

Michelle said...

@kristi: I usually put 3 seeds in each cell in case some don't germinate. This often results in 3 seedlings in one cell, which can get crowded and require thinning or transplanting sooner. If you are trying to save space, I recommend only starting the plants that would benefit most from an indoor start (i.e. peppers and tomatoes) then plant the remaining seeds directly into the soil when the temperatures will support it.

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