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Friday, March 13, 2009

Fuzzy Signs of Spring

Since moving to Loomis I have been thinking of raising some chickens for eggs, compost, and insect control. Last weekend while driving through Auburn, we came across Echo Valley Ranch supply. They had big signs advertising baby chicks for sale. We stopped in. It was really crowded. Apparently baby chicks are a hot commodity. Not knowing what breed of chick we wanted, we decided to forgo the chick purchasing and come back later.

Yesterday, after receiving the 3rd Craigslist chicken advertisement from my future brother in law, I did a quick search and saw that Echo Valley just received a new shipment. Narrowing down the available breeds for disposition and egg laying frequency, I had my short list in hand. When I arrived, I was told that my top picks were straight run chicks (males and females mixed). This made for a tough decision: go with the straight run for my top picks or get pullets of the runners up breeds? In the end I went for the pullets. We are now the owners of two Ameracauna (brown) and two Light Brahma (white) chicks. Here they are in their temporary home (cardboard box):


Paul said...

Yes! Chickens!

Deanna said...

How cute! That is funny that you have chickens now.

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