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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day July 2009

Wow! It's the 15th already. Where has the time gone? Most of the blooms right now are in the vegetable garden. Here is an overview shot. We transplanted the seedlings on April 25th and have been harvesting a steady stream of tomatoes and peppers.

Last month I highlighted some of my marigolds. They continue to flourish. Mixed in with the marigolds are some sweet basil and parsley. They are cheerful greeters to the rows of tomato plants. On the lower right is our German Chamomile. I dried some last week (but haven't had a chance to post it yet). If you are interested in my results, check back soon.

Moving away from the vegetables, I discovered that another one of our citrus trees is blooming. This one is the Midknight Valencia Orange. The harvest season is late spring which is why it is lagging the other citrus blooms.

This flower is from an aloe plant. It is nearly finished blooming, but the hummingbirds have been enjoying it's sweet nectar for almost a month. The plant is just outside our kitchen window so I have caught several glimpses of the hummingbird land and drink from the flowers.

To see other blogger's July Blooms, head over to May Dreams Garden.


Muum said...

Loomis? I lived in Loomis (for 3 months!) It was a great place. love the citrus bloom. still remember the jasmine-used - as -ground cover.. mmm! not here in zone 5ish Utah.

Michelle said...

@Mumm - Thanks for the comment. I agree that Loomis is a great place to live. Funny that you mention it, but we just happen to have some jasmine growing as ground cover in the front yard (one of the few things the deer doesn't eat). Being native to zone 9, jasmine has always been common in my gardens.

Anonymous said...

That's a very pretty aloe plant. I'm not used to seeing garden blogs from so close by! I'm in Marysville, but our pets' veterinary office is in Loomis.

~~Rhonda said...

Your veggie garden looks so well cared for. It's beautiful! I've never seen an aloe bloom. How pretty! ~~Rhonda

Michelle said...

@queerbychoice - Thanks for the comment. My blog is fairly new and gardening has become a large part of it since we are in the middle of the growing season.

@~~Rhonda - Thank you for commenting. I have spent many hours tending the vegetable garden and I appreciate the complement.

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